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Melissa & Doug Toys

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Polished Petals Bead Set

Iridescent beads in shades of pink and...


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Abacus by Melissa & Doug

This wooden "calculator" helps teach...


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Ballerina Dress-Up Mix \'n Match Peg Puzzle

This wooden peg puzzle includes ten...


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Horses Floor Puzzle

Lots of horses in your "neigh"borhood!...


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Green Poster Paint

Trees and frogs will come to life when...


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Chef Puppet

What's for dinner? Just ask Chef...


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Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box

Set includes four wooden, 12-piece...


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30 Piece Orange Kitten Jigsaw Puzzle

A fuzzy little orange kitten is backlit...


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Sports Bag Fill & Spill

This toddler sized sports bag, comes...


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Sea Turtle Plush

Nearly three feet long, this lifelike...


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