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Big Hunk

Big Hunk... chewy nougat with peanuts....


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Mini Cow Pie

Made in Wisconsin! Rich milk...


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Necco Wafers

Necco Wafers... we have the full, 2...


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Cry Baby Bubble Gum

Cry Baby Bubble Gum... the original...


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Smoothies Cups

Smoothies are creamy peanut butter cups...


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Airheads... 0.55 oz taffy strips....


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Chick-O-Sticks... crunchy peanut butter...


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Nonpareils... dark chocolate discs with...


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Choward's Violet Mints

Unique perfume smell. Violet taste!...


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Jawbreaker - 2-1/2 inch.

Jawbreaker. 2-1/2 inch.


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